#12DaysOfBacon Celebrating Our New Bacon Range

Christmas is fast on the approach, and while the festive season can mean all things to all people, to the majority, it spells out i-n-d-u-l-g-e-n-c-e.

Good old gluttony – and there’s nothing like tearing into a selection box for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and alcohol for dinner. Until about day 3 when the all-encompassing shame and self-resentment kicks in and you begin to crave real food and nourishment.

To celebrate the festive season and the exciting launch of our new bacon range on the 21st December. If you thought our bacon is good now, wait until you’ve tried our newest bacon. 6 words…Dry Cured, Thick Cut, Rind on ?? .

We have decided to bring to you our 12 favourite examples of bacon goodness. With #12DaysOfBacon:

1) Pigs In Blankets


Let’s start from the top with everyone’s favourite; the unsung saviour of Christmas, pigs in blankets. Their success lies in the fact that they’re as beautiful and short-lived as the Hibiscus flower existing for just one special day out of a possible 365. Pigs in blankets play hard to get, they want to keep you coming back for more, and we do.

2) Sprouts, Bacon and Chestnuts


On the second day of bacon, my true love gave to me, a contradiction. Sort of. The combination of the good and the not so good; sprouts, bacon and chestnuts. I defy anyone any Brussel sprout rebel to sample the delicious combination of the above without having to wash it down with their own hat shortly after.

3) Spaghetti Carbonara


A rich and creamy bacon, spaghetti carbonara will save the day when you’ve had enough of cold meats and have forgotten that other cuisines do still exist. What’s more, being pasta, it’s almost as easy to prepare as leftover cold meats.

4) Bacon & Colcannon


Give a nod to our cousins over on the emerald isle with the traditionally irish and oh-so-comforting bacon and colcannon. You’ll need a loin of bacon to accompany the colcannon; a hearty dish of cabbage or kale, mashed potatoes, leeks, onions, chives, milk, butter, salt and pepper.

5) Bacon Sarnie


For the morning after there’s always the bacon sandwich, which does for a hazy head what David Attenborough does for a Sunday evening; makes it so much better. Here the intricacies lie in the detail; red or brown sauce, white or brown bread? We say if in doubt, have both.

6) Maple Syrup Bacon Bagel with Cream Cheese and Rocket


For the morning after, if the night before never really ended and you are still entertaining, there’s always the slightly more impressive and equally as delicious Maple syrup bacon bagel with cream cheese and rocket. It’s always well received and you only need one, trust us, so less time in the kitchen and more time with the guests.

7) Bacon Wrapped Sushi


If you’re really hoping to break the mould this Christmas Bacon wrapped sushi is a fine way to go about it. With more and more people opting to make their own sushi at home or via classes or events, it’s a lot easier than you might originally have thought. A good way to make this Japanese dish slightly more festive is to wrap it in lovely bacon.

8) Bacon Wrapped Dates


Next up are the glorious bacon wrapped dates. If you want to celebrate traditional Christmas food this year but still have your reservations then this dish is a winner. Dates aren’t for everyone, but bacon is.

9) The Bacon & Eggnog Cocktail


Now time to wet your palette, American-style. The Bacon and Eggnog Cocktail is a twist on the hugely popular Eggnog for the simple fact that it includes bourbon which has been infused with a small amount of liquid bacon fat.


10) Bacon Martini


If liquid bacon is your thing, then you’re gonna wanna try the Bacon Martini, otherwise known as the Bacontini, or even more affectionally referred to as Pig on the Rocks, which is fast making (many) names for itself within the London cocktail bar scene. Our consensus? Much, much better than you’re thinking.

11) Bacon + Salad = Goals ☑️


The 11th day of bacon is here to remind us that it really is the little things that matter. Whether you’re preparing a healthy salad to catch up on your five a day, pulling a cauliflower cheese gratin from the oven, jazzing up some potatoes or adding kick to a sandwich, bacon bits are a welcome addition to almost any dish at this time of year.

12) Bacon Loin


Fortunately for you, we’ve saved the best until last. What would Christmas dinner be without a bacon loin lying side by side next to your Turkey? Over the years you may want to experiment and explore, perhaps opt for a nut roast or go for a goose to fill up your plates, but you’ll come back to bacon.

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