3 Easy Steps for our Regular Meat Box Subscription

Whether you’re a returning customer or brand new to us, you can now benefit from our marvellous regular meat box subscription service. This system has been designed with our customers in mind, so it’s perfectly suited to your needs and busy lifestyles.

We want you to know exactly how to make the most of our regular meat subscription service, so we’re setting out three easy steps to follow so you can do just that. You simply need to log in with your normal details if you’re a returning customer, and if you’re new to Marvellous Meat, you can get started by signing up with an email address…simple and no fuss! Next, follow these simple steps.


1. Choose your box. First you can personalise your order so that it contains all the meat you’ll need until your next delivery. Choose from our wide range of fresh, Sussex-bred meat so that you always have the perfect ingredients for your meals.


2. Pick a time, any time. Next you’ll choose when you’d like your delivery to be delivered and how frequently, be it weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We’re flexible and are ready to provide you with a fresh Meat box whenever you need it.


3. Payment. Lastly, you can set up payment quickly and easily with your usual bankcard. Don’t worry about changing your mind later on; there is no contract commitment. We’ll send an email the day before each delivery is sent out, letting you know that we’re going to process your order where you can change your subscription details, and if you’re happy to continue you don’t need to do anything.

All done! Once you’ve set up your subscription you needn’t think about it again, your deliveries will keep on coming. You can also adjust your order whenever you’d like, so your orders will always be exciting and as varied as you’d like.

Why wait? Sign up now here. We’re ready to start your order whenever you’re ready to receive it!

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