5 Benefits Of Our Regular Meat Box Service

Here at Marvellous Meat Co, we know what it means to be busy. Between work, family, friends and countless other commitments, life can get pretty hectic, sometimes meaning certain things get put on the back burner.


That’s why we’ve designed a new automated regular meat system for our customers, so your fresh meat order is even easier to organise than before. Signing up to either a weekly, fortnightly or monthly meat delivery means you’ll never come home to an empty fridge again. It’s a simple process – so here are 5 simple reasons why you shouldn’t miss out.

1. Cost Effective – Signing up to our meat delivery service is a very inexpensive way to ensure you’ve always got that staple food in your home. Sign-ups before the end of September will receive 15% off their overall bill with each order for the next 12 months, saving you money in the process.

2. Timesaving – By setting up a regular meat box, you save time, all the time. Rather than having to go online and buy products every time you need meat, your regular meat box will do the work for you. You only need to set it up once and the meat will arrive, with an email 3 days prior, if you wish to make any adjustments to your next automated order.


3. Automated. All of our regular meat box lovers will have orders generated automatically, and you’ll receive email alerts to let you know what’s coming fresh to your door and when, 3 days before your next order. Perfect for a busy lifestyle.

4. Tailored to you. If you think subscribing means you won’t get variety, you are misteaken! You can either keep your choices the same order-to-order, or you can quickly and easily adapt it for some variety or that special recipe ingredient – whatever suits you.


5. Delivery. As with all of your Marvellous Meat orders, you can choose when you want your meat to be delivered. What’s even easier, as a subscriber you’ll be able to choose the most convenient time for you, and keep it that way with every single order.

Like what you hear? Sign up for our bespoke regular meat box service today, you’ll be glad you did.

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