6 Benefits Of Buying Beef Online

So, why should you get your beef online? There are so many incentives to do so, with compelling ethical issues and many environmental factors at stake. We take all of these into consideration and want to share our marvellous way of life with you.


We believe in providing the best quality beef, that’s why we’ve rounded up our top 6 motives for changing the way you buy your meat. After reading this, we’re sure you’ll be inspired to see beef the way we do.

1. Grass-fed cows are free to graze natural pastures, meaning they live a healthier, happier life and thereby become more nutritious beef. Grass-fed beef contains a rich source of fatty acids like Omega 3 and CLA, and important vitamins A, D E and K.

2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint. Forego intensively farmed and shipped meat supermarkets offer you, a system that can see any one cow moved up to 4 times. We produce local beef and then deliver it straight to your door. No middlemen, no lengthy distribution process. Keeping the hoofprint on the environmental at a minimum.

3. Fresh is best, and that’s what you get when you buy our beef online. Your pieces of meat are only butchered once you’ve placed your order. Your order is then delivered in refrigerated boxes with an eco-friendly Woolcool insulation. You can choose to freeze your beef at home, but we never do.


4. Happier cows make tastier beef. Our cows are free to roam throughout their lifetime, feeding on our naturally unspoilt grasses. When the time comes, we opt for a small abattoir and a careful butchery system, dramatically reducing stress on the cows. So you can enjoy your tasty beef knowing it had a happy and peaceful life.

5. Locally reared beef beats imported beef any day. Our cows are born and reared locally in the Sussex Weald. We value the knowledge of where your food came from and what it ate when it was there, and we want to share this with you.


6. 28-day dry-hung beef is something the supermarkets will never offer you; they want the water content to make up the maximum weight they can get. We dry-hang our beef because it lets enzymes break down muscle fibre, producing perfectly tender beef with a beautifully rich flavour. For us, it’s definitely about quality of over quantity.

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