8 Famous BBQ Cuts From Around the World

To celebrate national barbecue week this week from 25th – 31st May, we have selected eight of our favourite international barbecue dishes from all over the world.

In no particular order, we hope the eight BBQ specialities below will provide inspiration for your barbecues over the course of the week.


1) Brazil


Picanha is famously known as Brazils best represented barbecue dish, where rump steaks are placed on skewers and grilled on the barbecue with the fat preferably still kept on the meat.


2) Korea


In Korea, they love their Bulgogi on the barbecue. Marinating thin slices of beef to give a sweet yet salty and tender taste.


3) Australia


Although this isn’t meat, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. So famous, they even made a TV series in Australia named ‘shrimp on the barbie’.


4) Cyprus


Pork Souvlaki skewers are the nations favourite barbecue in Cyprus. Made up from pork loin, the pork is cut into small cubes, placed on skewers and cooked on the charcoal.


5) Argentina


Asado is a style of barbecue popular in South America, but most particularly Argentina, where it is the national dish. ‘Al Asador’ refers to the cooking technique where the full meat from an animal is spread across the grill.


6) America


Stereotypically the nations favourite food – the cheese burger! Made from minced steak, the American cheese burger has garnered a reputation for being the most famous burger in the world.


7) China


Char Siu is the famous Cantonese pork barbecue dish, which sees pork shoulder turned into a sweet, succulent meal, perfect with…you guessed it, rice!



8) British


No list would be complete without the Great British sausage. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, take your pick! A British favourite and a must have for any British barbecue (or any barbecue) our free range pork sausages are the pride of Sussex!

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