Grass-fed Sussex Cattle

We raise grass-fed Sussex Cattle, traditionally farmed to produce slow grown beef, sold at supermarket prices and delivered free to your door…

It sounds to good to be true – but at The Marvellous Meat Co. that’s exactly what we do. Out in the green fields of the ancient Sussex Weald we use traditional farming methods to rear one of Britain’s oldest native breeds. We tend the pasture, nurture our herds and let nature do the rest. Then we cut out the middle men and cut down the food miles. The result? Happy herds producing refined beef at less cost to the environment and no extra cost to our customers – even when we bring it to your door.

As supermarkets drive consumer demand for beef, the methods employed to produce the quantities required have become increasingly artificial. Quality has been sacrificed to maintain volume, and something taken for granted for centuries has been lost; simply knowing where your food comes from and how it was produced.

However, in recent years something rather marvellous has happened. As the mass production processes, now essential for bringing meat quickly to the supermarket chiller cabinets, becomes ever more complex, small, quality beef producers have actually found themselves able to offer their produce at comparable prices to the giants of UK food retail – and the Marvellous Meat Co. would like to tell you how.

As soon as they have been calved and weaned, factory farmed cattle destined for the supermarket are fed bought-in grain to build bulk as early as possible. Often they are also injected with expensive hormones to artificially stimulate this process. Conversely, grass and milk provide cattle with natural nourishment, gently build condition, enhance flavour, and they’re virtually free!

Our herds simply roam the pastures, drinking their mother’s milk for the first nine months, then grazing to their heart’s content. 

Breeding beef cattle follows three distinct phases; rearing, growing and finishing. For each of these phases UK supermarket cattle are often sent to different specialist farms around the country, incurring transport costs, increasing food miles, and adding the profits of extra producers to the price of the meat.

Our herds simply stay at home, growing slowly to develop natural muscle and fat.

Once forced to market weight at around 16 months, factory farmed cattle are frequently driven to slaughter hundreds of miles across the UK. As a welfare issue this causes cattle prolonged stress, adds further food miles, incurs extra cost, and even affects the flavour of the meat

Once they reach two years, all our beef cattle are taken to a local abattoir less than twenty miles from their farm. This process is carefully conceived to to be as humane and stress-free as possible.

No-one should have to pay a premium for something as fundamental as good food. By cutting out the middle-men and welcoming back Mother Nature, we’re opening the barn doors of opportunity to everyone who cares about the quality and provenance of the meat they eat. It’s certainly not a new idea – but it is a rather marvellous one.

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