How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Cooking a steak to perfection is one of those rare but crucial skills in life. We all like to show off in the kitchen every now and then, and getting a steak just right, whatever your audience’s preference, is a sure fire way to do just that.


Steaks have come back into our lives in recent years, and we’ve welcomed them with open arms – arms brandishing a napkin, fork and steak knife, obviously. Researchers and nutritional experts now say that red meat is a great addition to any diet, providing much needed zinc, iron and protein, nutrients that help keep your heart healthy as well as build and repair muscle mass.

So if you’d like to become a steak expert and leave your carnivorous guests drooling for more, read on steak lover.

1. Choose the right steak. Whether it’s a sirloin, rump or the more upmarket fillet, choose our grass-fed beef every time. Marbling in your steak will keep it moist during cooking, and choosing our 28-day hung cuts means your steak will always be tender and rich with flavour.

2. Use room temperature steak. And pat it dry, then season with salt and freshly ground pepper at least an hour before you plan to cook it. These are both pivotal to your steak success so don’t miss this step.

3. Make sure your griddle pan is hot, hot, hot. Then add the steaks, only two at a time so they have room and will fry, not stew. This way you’ll get that delicious beefy crust to the outside of your steak.


4. Flip it. Make sure to flip your steaks so that both sides see some heat, but use your eyes to make sure you give them enough time to gain those succulent searing marks top and bottom.

5. Time it right. Here’s an easy guide to timing a steak so it’s perfectly cooked, whether you like it pink or done right the way through. They’re specific for a reason, even an accidental 10 seconds can ruin a juicy steak, so make sure you’re on the ball.

Blue – 1 min each side
Rare – 1 ½ mins each side
Medium to Rare – 2 mins each side
Medium – 2 ¼ mins each side
Medium to Well Done – 2 ½ to 3 mins each side

6. Have a rest. Resting is one of the most overlooked elements of cooking meat, and while we fully understand – it is a beautifully cooked steak ready to eat, after all – it’s a really important one. Resting it somewhere hot for 5-10 minutes means the heat goes right through the steak and allows the juices to be absorbed, making it all the more mouth-watering when you do tuck in.

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to always serve up restaurant quality steak. The glory will follow.

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