About Paul…

I grew up working on my family farm in East Sussex, firmly convinced that my future lay in following in the family footsteps. Somehow, I was side-tracked into the City, working for almost 30 years in wealth management. In 1999 I founded Arundel Partners which eventually merged with the Guinness family office in 2006, creating Iveagh Ltd and during my 7 year tenure as CEO, I oversaw the management of 500 million pounds of investment funds on behalf of HNWIs and the Guinness and Sella families.

Hitting my 50’s made me re-evaluate where I was and what I was doing, I realised that my very first passion- working on the farm- was where I wanted to be. I decided to create a company that embodied the ideals I was passionate about; sustainable and responsible farming, animal welfare, food quality, the provenance of our food and full accountability from farm to table. I strongly believe that my team and I have succeeded in this and hope that you feel the same way.

We’re passionate about what we do and we want to hear from you if there is anything you feel we could improve upon, or indeed if you have a favourite family recipe you think we should share.


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