Provenance = high quality food

We believe provenance is the key to securing and improving the quality of food.

There’s no escaping the fact we live in an electronic age – one of instant gratification, fingertip information and 24-hour connectivity. There’s also no denying that this technology has often revolutionised the way we’re able to shop and consume for the better, giving small, quality food producers the crucial competitive reach of online sales platforms.

Yet when your standing in a sunlit field watching cattle grazing at their own, unhurried pace, our obsession with speed, volume and value all becomes a bit more nonsensical, especially when applied to food. Especially when you realise that, despite all the technological innovations that are meant to improve our quality of life, we’ve recently lost something fundamental as food consumers, something that humans have taken for granted for centuries – the simple fact of knowing where you food has come from and how it arrived on your plate.

It was probably the recent horsemeat scandal that finally crystallised food provenance as a serious issue in the public eye. In the drive for cheaper food, processed meat, products frequently pass through multiple channels, and across international borders, making it very difficult for food companies to manage supply chain compliance effectively and assure the traceability, quality (and even content) of the food they sell. Such broad and complex supply networks will always be open to abuse, and once again, the Marvellous Meat Co. our solution is (quite literally) simplicity itself.

Today in the UK, the lineage of every Sussex roaming a field can be traced to back to the first official livestock catalogues from the 18th century, and the cattle we dispatch abide in the same pastures they’re ancestors have for centuries past. So when you enjoy our slow-grown grass-fed beef, enjoy it foremost for its flavour – but rest assured, if you ever need to know, we can tell you which fields its great grandparents grazed in…

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