The Ultimate Free Range Meat

If, like us, you believe quality of life for the meat you eat is of utmost importance, let us introduce you to the ultimate in extreme free range meats:  venison and wild boar.


Deer have been roaming the wooded areas in South-East England for centuries, and were a great favourite of Henry VIII for hunting and eating.  They still exist in very large numbers, to the point where herds must be controlled to prevent them getting too big and invasive. The most common breeds are Fallow, Roe, and Formosan Reeves Muntjac. Our venison is sourced from herds local to the area, and if you haven’t tried it before, it really is worth a go. Superb flavour, and very lean meat; venison contains roughly one sixth of the amount of saturated fat contained in beef.


Wild boar have a rather different history.  Once widely seen across the UK, they were hunted to extinction by the 17th century.  Happily, they have since re-established themselves in the wild following escapes from zoos and wildlife centres.  Pigs are, by nature, prolific reproducers and breeders. 40 years after the first escapees, there is now a population running into tens of thousands spread across the ideal mix of forest and pastures we have in the South East.

The government (DEFRA) give licences to specialist marksmen who are needed to cull the males from herds of deer and wild boar to control their numbers. If herds are too large, they become invasive, causing damage to farmland and carefully managed forests, and endanger themselves by straying onto major roads and populated areas. All our venison and boar is completely wild, and comes from these local licensed hunters.

We currently have all cuts of venison plus venison sausages available in the shop already, and wild boar will be available in the very near future.

If you haven’t tried these two ultimate free range animals before, you can now with a clear conscience. You won’t be disappointed!

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